Modest Fashion


  "Russia.Modest Fashion Week" is the only project in Russia on a regular basis presenting to the Russian audience modest fashion uniting style, culture, beauty and traditional values. Instead of imposing modern fashion, sometimes too skimpy and provocative but becoming habitual and ordinary, "Russia.Modest Fashion Week" immerses in the world of style and elegant harmony. 


Modest Fashion Week

"Such an eye-contact event..." 

"Благопристойная мода — один из наиболее быстро растущих сегментов модного бизнеса..." 

"Something groundbreaking happened: Modest fashion had a coming-out party." 

"You'll never look at a head scarf the same way again." 

"New event in Turkey aiming to showcase the best of conservative wear was awash with spring colours." 

History of "Russia.Modest Fashion Week"

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